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September 14th '12
Hey ya'll It me Allie again :) Heres Ashleys second letter...

Hola Mi Familia!!
Como estan!? Estoy muy emocionado a trabajar por Dios. This week has gone by, at first, really slow. Then after Sunday it picked back up. My companions are both going to NYC with me along with 2 Elders in our district, Elder Kerr and Elder Meek both from Mesa, Arizona. 4 Elders are headed to Columbia in 2 weeks Elder Perfect from San Diego, he's only been a member for a year and is suuuuper nice. Elder Sawyer from Washington. Elder Black from Washington, he is helping us all work on our patience. and Elder Duncan from Spanish Fork. Then there is Elder Johnson from Ceader City who is going to Tampa, Florida. It has been pretty good here. The food started out good but has sadly gone down hill. As well has our waistlines and ance. I don't know what it is but I am getting ready for change. Thank you so much mom for all the laundry stuff!! Lets just say its been a week and a day since I've been able to wash clothes.
We have been teaching an investegator (fake) about the gospel. His name is Hugo and his wife and daughter already attend church. We talked with him about the plan of salvation and what not but our second to last meeting with him was very bad. We didn't plan as well and the spirit wasn't there with us. Mind you we have been speaking spanish for 4 days at this point. But yesterday we had a lesson with him and, HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED! We set the date for 10 Octubre and we are going back tonight to talk more about the sacrament, the sabbath day and baptism. It is super awesome to think that in the future, my spanish will be better, and that this will be real. That I will be able to bring a real soul unto Christ. I can't wait! seriously, our teacher Hermana Wetzel is so awesome. she served in Guatemala and really has us look deep into doctrine and ourselves. She has a picture of the Mannhattan temple in our class and everytime I look at it I just think, I'm not just bringing these people to the waters of baptism, it is much more than that. Baptism is just the first step in the amazing plan our heavenly father has for us. sorry grammer has gone out the window because I only have 12 minutes left.
Thank you Allie for the yummy rolls!! They really hit the spot on a day when I was feeling low.
I was so excited to read the post from Sister Jones in NYC! That will be super fun for P-days!
It is really weird that I am just in Provo. But it is so amazing the spirit that is brought here. Our Elders have been having a hard time with keeping focused during study time and the topics of conversation between them have gotten really out of hand. We have a teacher, Hermano Welch and he talked to us about how the first CCM, en espanol, was the school of the prophets. The PROPHETS went there to learn. Second was the Kirtland temple. Third, was the CCM. There have been a few different ones but they all have the same purpose. and all have the same sacredness. so we should treat them with respect.
Allie, yes, I stole your alarm clock...but I'm not using it so I'll get that right back to you.
I hope all is well! I love you guys a lot!!! Being here has really opened my eyes to all of the sacrafices that have been made in my behalf and I just want to thank all of you!! Make sure that you guys are praying as a family and having family night! It is so important to keep the simplest rules! For when we obey, we are blessed.
I LOVE YOU GUYS! Everything is really great! I miss you but I know that this is where I am supposed to be.
ask me any questions you have and I will answer them! too much happens to be able to remember it all then read my journal to find it!!
I love you!
Hermana Lancaster

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