Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear are the sheep of His fold

We moved! After a long period of thinking, we have decided to switch apartments with some elders. It is a member who is renting us out his top floor! 

This past week has been fast! It is definitely starting to cool down, and I bought myself a nice pair of boots today! :)
This Saturday we had a ward party! Noche de las naciones! We did the hoe down throw down by Miley Cyrus as missionaries to represent the united states. HAHAHA!! most hilarious thing ever! But one thing that I have loved about serving in the United States is that we get an amazing cultural experience. We got to see the members show us things from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, and Mexico! Something that only a few missionaries really get to experience  I love that I get to spend time with all of these people. They are truly amazing! They are strong members, and they really help us in our work!
Last night we went to the Tifa's and had a noche de hogar! (Family Home Evening) It was wonderful! I am so happy we got to spend time with them!
Tomorrow is Halloween! We have to be in by 5pm! A member told us that she takes her kids in no later than 7:30pm. I was like, "Okay we will for sure be in!" We are going to a meeting in Scarsdale in the morning, and then coming home and going in. Should be a fun night for us! :)

This Sunday I was reading through the Hymns during sacrament meeting, because I play the piano for sacrament. I was reading Hymn #221, and it just really struck me.
I love verse 4. Mostly because it applies to me as a missionary. :) Isn't it so cool though? THIS IS OUR JOB! not just missionaries but everyone. To bring in the sheep to the fold. Everyone. I love it! 

He loves us all! Everyone!

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all you do!! Have an amazing week!!

Love, Hermana Lancaster

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Online Proselyting

HOLLLA ALL from The Bronx! 

This past week we moved the McNairy's from their pad in the Bronx to a van that would take them to Monticello. SAD DAY! The McNairy's have been basically our own grandma and grandpa here in the mission. It has been awesome to go to them and talk with them and learn from them. They are going to do awesome up in Monticello!! 

This Sunday was my little brother Dylan's birthday!! He turned 10! That is so crazy and makes me feel very old. It was also Elder Geisel's birthday that day! 

Yesterday, we had zone conference! It was fun because it was Sister Dodson's first zone conference! I learned something very sad though, I come home a cycle earlier than I thought!! I come home Feb. 6. WOW! that is so close! We also have been approved to do online proselyting! You know what that means! FACEBOOK! So if ya'll see me on facebook, just know, this is being used as a proselyting tool, and not as a way of communication with friends and family. If you have any questions though feel free to ask me. It is so amazing to be able to use this technology! We have an elder in our mission who has been Skyping his family back home in Reno with the missionaries there and he is helping teach the gospel to his own family! Something that he never thought he could do as a set apart missionary here in New York. How amazing that this hastening of the work is for all the world. We start our focus in our areas and as it branches out, it reaches every climb. I LOVE IT! 

Today we are going to the temple! I am so excited. I love the peace that the temple brings. 

This week we have a pretty packed schedule! I can't even believe it! I will for sure take pictures! 

Last week we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. AMAZING! I didn't take that many pictures because I am a horrible person, but I know for sure I will be going back asap. :) 

Hermana Dodson

Mark Rothko from the Met!! I studied him from my art history
 and my "Divine in the arts" class. Love him! 

Have an amazing week!! Make sure to pray daily and read your scriptures personally and as a family! BLESSINGS!!! 

I love you all! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster 

Fat Lip...ooops!

Elder White ready for the rain

Member and Ashley wet from the pouring rain

911 Memorial

Members from Paraguay

Bumping system on that van!!! SPEAKERS!!!

China Town

District Pizza Party

Ashley and Hermana Dodson

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Forget Me Not

This last week has yet again, flown. 

We had interviews with President Morgan last week! Sister Morgan made amazing brownies and cookies for us all. She is AWESOME! 

We have a dead mouse under our cabinets in our apartment. We asked our building super what we could do about it and he just said there isn't much we can do. THE SMELL IS HORRIBLE! The smell of death. We literally might have to wait till the decomposition process ends. yuckkkkk!!!! However, we also may be switching pads with the zone leaders this week. So it could really be okay. 

As a companionship, Hermana Dodson and I have been working hard focusing on the people we feel we should focus on. The ward is focusing on less actives, and so we are trying to do all that they want! 

Ashley and Hermana Dodson
We are currently helping with the primary program coming up in November! Let's just say, it isn't "Utah primary." There are probably 20 primary children all together. Basically all together they are smaller than our whole jr. primary. Also, they don't have mom's who know the Primary songs to sing with them at home. We have been practicing Sundays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It has definitely been an adventure! 

Today we are going to the Metropolitan museum of art! I am so excited! My companion is an amazing artist. I am happy to have someone who I can talk "art" with. :) Hermana Dodson's blog is really fun, take a look here

I love you all so much!! Remember how important you all are to me, to your families, and especially to your Heavenly Father! 

Just incase you forgot!! 

I love you!! 

Love Hermana Lancaster

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ashley's first 911 call on her mission

Hey ya'll!!

First week with my new missionary has been quite eventful!!! 

This past friday we came home to a broken door handle. Someone decided they wanted to get into our apartment while we were gone. They didn't get in, but we did get to call 911 at 9 o'clock at night. Let's just say when you call about an "attempted break-in" in the Bronx, on a Friday night, you get pushed to low priority. The cops didn't end up coming until 4 am. I don't know but 7 hrs is a long time to answer a 911 call. hahahaha!! It was some punk kid who also tried to get in to a few other doors in our building, and of course it was Sister Dodson's first week here hahaha! (Welcome to the Bronx!) well, we now have 2 locks to lock when we are out and 3 locks to lock when we are home. 
CRAZY NIGHT!  But All is Well!!

CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME! My brain was a little jumbled from the nights before, but what I do remember was that it was so comforting. I love how much they talk about the family. Really that is why we are here, to learn to be like Him. He is our Father!! 

This video is AMAZING! It really opened my eyes to how the family is central to God's plan. When we live the Gospel, especially in families, we will have strong families. It is no longer okay to go without personal and family prayer, family home evening and scripture study. It just is too crazy out there! We have to DAILY unite as a family to strengthen one another to have success in the home. If we do not, we will fall. These are the last days...We are in perilous times. 

I am so thankful for my mission. Because of the habits and the knowledge I have learned here, I feel like my family will be forever strengthened. 

I love it. :) 

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you all so much!! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Still Serving in the BX!

Hello All,

I am still in the BX! Holllllla! 

And, I'M TRAINING! So crazy! Last Wednesday we got a call from President Morgan and I thought for sure it would be for my companion because she would for sure be taking over the area. Nevertheless, President Morgan asked for me! and asked me if I would be a trainer! I of course said yes. :) 

Friday we went up to Scarsdale to the Trainers Meeting. It was amazing. I am so happy to think that Heavenly Father knows me enough to know that I will be able to help Sister Dodson, (My new companion who just arrived yesterday from the Mexico MTC.) We had amazing Hawaiian Hay stacks made by Sister Morgan, and then headed back down to the BX. 

Saturday we Figured out that Sister Dunn would be going to South Manhattan to be with my old comp, Sister Skinner's comp. Sister Skinner is going to Poughkeepsie! Which is very very up-state. But she will rock it! and have a car! :) Elder Wilsher was released as AP and is headed back to Olmsted where he was "born", to "die" (mission began and ends there) :) 

These past few days have been a blur. In all honesty, this past cycle has been a blur. I feel like it was yesterday that I got to the BX. And then it feels like yesterday I got to NY! So surreal! 

It is such an amazing blessing to be serving the Lord. I am so happy that this was my path. This was my plan. I am so thankful to all of you who have helped me along the way. Thank you so so much. Stay strong! The Lord will not forsake us. 

I hope that you all have an amazing week! Fall is coming! It started coming here then for some reason it decided to get really hot this week.. not cool. 

I love you all! I love your amazing examples. I love the Lord. I am so thankful to hear from His prophets, seers and revalators this weekend!! How blessed are we!!! We have such a knowledge of His infinite amazing love for us. I LOVE IT! 

Love you all!! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster