Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Look out MTC, Sister Lancaster is in the house!

September 9th '12

Hello fans of Ashely! It's me the less cool sister Allison. I'm going to be updating her blog for ya'll. So here we go! This was Ashley's first letter home to us written on her first day at the MTC.

!Hola mi Familia! 

I survived my first day! And lucky for us our P-day is on Thursday but, we won't get it till next week which means no laundry or email till next week. Also this means we go to the temple. I am in a trio. Sister Richardson, the girl I met on Fbook is one of my companions as well as Sister Peterson who is from North Ogden. we get along really well! On Friday we have our first meeting with our investigator. We have to speak Spanish so mostly we are just writing down what we want to say to get it in our brains.

We are the only sisters in our district. The branch presidents wife is SUPER nice. So is the president. She was excited to see us because they had been without girls for a while. The boys in our district look like they're 12. Which is good. 4 are going to Columbia, 1 to NY with us and 3 to Florida.

People said the food was bad but it's actually not bad at all! Which could be a bad thing. But early morning classes start next week! They have yoga, palates, kickboxing. I am just afraid to workout hard at 6 am then have to stay awake and alert all day. I really don't feel homesick at all! I will probably be writing you with homesickness soon though!
Spanish is going very well actually. I am remembering things from high school thanks to the spirit. Today we had a great workshop about being the channel for the spirit to travel though to help, and invite the investigator to come unto Christ. It really isn't about us at all. Its about the Spirit and the investigators.

Tell dad I had biscuits and gravy this morning! YUM! Last night we had mock investigators with a class of about 30. In the first we said a prayer and the spirit was really present. In the second, we could not get the investigator to really understand because we were like forcing it down his throat. He was a baptist so when we tried to redefine Christianity he felt attacked. It didn't end well. In the third, t was an old Japanese man who was so funny! He kept prodding us to sing so we finally sang " I am a child of god" The spirit totally came and it was awesome! It was good to see good and bad examples. And lets just say the teacher was french and looked like Zac Effron.. SO HOT! Ha ok I know I'm not supposed to say that..

I know its only my first "day" but things are great. I really am excited for what the future has to bring!
Cheer loud for Springville and the Cougs!

I love you guys so much and so thankful for the sacrifices you are making for me!!

"Jesus es me luz, y no temere"

Love Hermana Lancaster

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