Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Hermana in the "City That Never Sleeps"


Oh my heavens this is really just, surreal. I am in NYC. CRAZY! It has been an adjustment, but I am definitely getting used to it. 
We live in a cute little apartment. And when I say little I mean, like the size of our kitchen and stairs area. Haha, but really it is just me and Hermana Taylor so it is fine. We really aren't there for most of the day. 
We have a few investigators right now. We have been working with them a lot but I am coming to find out that scheduling appointments doesn't mean that you will have an appointment. So we always have back up plans.
Let's just say, Dominican Spanish is very different than MTC Spanish. I am learning a whole new vocabulary. It is hard right now, but I know that I will be able to learn quickly. Hermana Taylor studied Spanish in College. So really she is such a great Spanish speaker.
Really, Hermana Taylor is so awesome. She is a hard worker but insanely hilarious. It is always fun whenever we do anything. 
We have our own area here in Inwood and then there are 2 other sets of Spanish missionaries. Elder Scaife and Elder Wilsher. Elder Scaife is from Washington State and Elder Wilsher is from Sandy Utah....BUT, he moved there from, NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND! He has an English accent. It makes my day. Then there is Elder Sorensen from South Jordan and Elder Bartlett from Sandy. 
Our area is awesome. It is not super busy and most of the people, like 80% of the people speak Spanish. And even when you are out at night people are still nice. It's our P day today so I'm off to see Times Square.

Okay I just got back from Times Square. HOLY COW! That is really all I can say because it was insane. There were so many people, so much, everywhere. We went to pick up tickets for my companion to go see Newsies on Broadway! I am super excited for her! We get to go see one Broadway show at the end of our missions! I am hoping I can go with my MTC sisters! Also, I went to Forever 21. 4 FLOORS. 4 FLOORS OF PURE GOODNESS! I got tights and 2 tops. :) 

So, let me just tell you all a little secret. Knocking on doors in the city, is scary. It means going into someone's building, going up to the top floor, stairs, and then proceeding to knock on all the doors down the building. SCARY! We don't do it very often but it freaks me out. It's crazy the different religions you run into and what they think that "Mormones" believe. 

Last night we had a Noche de Hogar, "family night" at the church. It was so fun! we watched a talk from President Monson about the plan of salvation and then talked about it. It was so great because for every investigator there was a member to help out! We were even walking to our apartment to get stuff the other day and a man was like, "Are you the Mormons?...Where is your church?" Mostly they come for English class but we only do Noche de Hogar once a month. He ended up leaving with a Book of Mormon in English and Spanish!! 

I think that this is probably the best decision I have ever made. Yes it is hard. And yes at times I want to cry because either I'm scared to knock on someones door, or I'm not able to understand anything anyone is saying but I know for a fact, that Heavenly Father is always aware of our situations.  

I know that this is the Lord's work. And at times, it is hard to remember because you want to go hang out with members or hang out with other missionaries, but the most important thing that I always keep in mind is that this is the Lord's work and this is HIS time. We cannot think about ourselves. We have to focus on helping others to come unto Christ because that is our purpose.  

I am so excited for the future. I am so excited to be in Inwood for my next 11 weeks! I am so thankful for ALL of your prayers, and for all of your kind words! I'm sorry if I can't get back to you directly but just know that I read and LOVE getting letters from you all! 

Shout out to Hermana Wetzel! It's her b-day soon! and I think she is in NYC! 

Shout out to GENNA BROWN. You better tell her to write me soon because it's been about 3 months. and I want to hear from her. 

I love you all so much and I will try to be more composed next week! 

p.s. - I talked to sister Rogers on the phone last night! Holla! I was like, um so I may or may not have stalked your blog for the last 4 months... and she was like oh goodness. hahaha but it is cool. :) 

ALSO, we can listen to any music that you could buy at deseret book. Just, you know, a suggestion. :) 

I love you all!! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I love them! and I love you! 

con amor, 

Hermana Lancaster

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