Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Awakening

Ashley and Hermana Skinner in the Bronx

This past week has been SO HOT! I am a little worried about the next 3 months. It is going to be a trail of faith for sure. hahaha

Yankee Stadium!

This week we found so many less actives who we didn't even know were in the ward. I really hate to see that this has happened. We passed by a few of them and a lot of them have health problems which keep them from coming to church. But, some of them just don't have the guidance and a friend to help them get to church. It is really a testament to me that making sure everyone has a member friend and a home teacher makes them a strong member of the church. I hope that we can help them find their way back to the fold. 

Ashley and Sulenny, a recent 17 year old convert

This Monday we helped the Garcia family move up the street close to 161st street. They moved into a really nice project building with 5 bedrooms! When we saw it we were like so surprised! AND it is on the 25th floor. The view is INSANE! You can see the Empire State building and the Chrysler building as well as the Brooklyn Bridge and oh my heavens it is amazing. 

Today we are planning on going to Forever 21 on 42nd street. It is 4 floors of amazing goodness. :) 

I had an amazing spiritual experience this past week too. Remember when I was talking about my "nitty-gritty" which was going to help me find out my "who and why" I am here? I had decided it was gratitude. But, I had been feeling a little like I wasn't hitting the nail on the head. I talked to my AMAZING district leader Elder Richards and he really helped me. He told me how usually we don't see what we need to work on, that we need to ask others because they see us differently than we do. It is kind of like when you listen to your voice on a recorder you sound so different than you really think you do. He then gave me a blessing to help me find my "who and why" I am here. In the blessing the word JOY came up and hit me hard. He expressed that that is a big reason about why I am here, and that I need to search out those who are in need of my Joy. After the blessing he told me to study my patriarchal blessing. In my blessing there in an entire section about my personality. It talks about how others will be drawn to me because of my personality. As I read it, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of love. That all I need to do to love and serve others is be ME. Just be me. I felt so much love from Heavenly Father and I felt so grateful that God gave me this personality to help bless others LOVE IT. :) 

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to develop the personality that I have. I know that I have had so many great examples in my life of joyful people. Thank you Thank you. :) 

Sunset in the Bronx

Have a fabulous week everyone!! I love you all! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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