Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nike Called: JUST DO IT!

So this past week has been pretty cool! In and of that we are putting all and I mean ALL of our faith in the Lord. No room for fear, no room for doubt. We are pressing forward and we are definitely feeling all of your prayers. 

We have been working on cleaning up records and making sure my companion knows the area because, they asked for my drivers license info. I most likely am going upstate. CRAZY! It is actually really crazy that I have been in the city this long. and actually crazier that I have been on a mission this long. WOW! TIME IS FLYING! no me gusta. 

We visited Sulenny, a recent convert, with Jahaira, a YW this past week and we talked about daily scripture study and prayer. They told us the usual about being super busy. SO, we had them set alerts in their phones for the most convenient times for them to read the scriptures. For Sulenny, it was 6:40 when she eats dinner. For Jahaira it is 9:30 when she gets into bed. 

I invite all of you to do this!!! We need to read and pray EVERYDAY! It isn't enough to go from Sunday to Sunday. It has become a necessity to read and pray ever single day. the devil has power. and usually that is finding a way that you are too busy or too tired. 


I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. :) 



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