Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baptisms and English Class

Hola family and friends!

This week has flown by. And guess what...WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE! And we almost have another one! One of our toughest investigators has agreed to Jan 5. He is working hard on coming to church and keeping the Word of Wisdom. He didn't smoke or drink but coffee is another story for all the peeps here. And our other investigator is really close to a date as well! She hasn't come to church yet so we are waiting till then. But she has also agreed to keep the Word of Wisdom! She has a little problem with her husband though..he doesn't like religion in general. I don't think that he even knows that we have been meeting with her. But we have, and she has become friends with the bishop's wife. Her name is Batania and she is awesome. Hahaha this next week we are going to teach her to make cookies from scratch. Hope that goes well...

We are working hard to get the area members in on missionary work. Especially because after we help a person enter the ward we can't be with them every Sunday and stuff. Hopefully it should be even better within the next few months. 

English class is awesome. I love teaching it. Yesterday I taught the whole class. Like the whole duration of class. It was AWESOME! Preparation for the future? I think yes! Here is a photo of Hermana Taylor with Evelyn. She is the sweetest 6 year old whose dad is in our English class. She helps us teach.

It is definitely colder than when I first got here. It is like bone chilling cold. like way way way cold. But it is all good. I just get to wear a lot of layers. Which sometimes happens to be horrible when we go into peoples houses and it is burning hot. 

Well I hope that everyone has a great week! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS A MI PADRE! 46! That is pretty cool that you've lived that long! I love you so much and hope to hear from you soon!


Hermana Lancaster

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