Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Transfers and Gratitude


Okay so much craziness has happened in these last few days. Today was transfers and on Sunday I thought that we, meaning Sister Taylor and I, were safe. But then on Sunday we got shot calls, they told us that Sister Taylor was being transferred to Yonkers. I was in shock. I thought for sure we would be together for these last 6 weeks of my training. But she had really known from the Thursday before when she went to a meeting up in Scarsdale. So basically she is becoming the A.S. Assistant Sister.

Guess who my new companion is? 
YOU ARE ALL GOING TO FREAK! The one and only......... 

SISTER ROGERS!!!!!  (we've been following her mission blog "" for several months before Ashley left) 
I know right? I am in a state of shock about that too! I am so excited to see how this goes. :) 

I have received many packages and I LOOOOOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Thank you so much Kristy for the awesome Christmas package!! I love opening a present everyday! and with the scripture it is so much more awesome! Lezlee, Oh my Heavens I am so thankful for my new watch! AHHH I love it! Holly I love the mittens and chocolate!! And the letters thank you all so much! I may not have time to write back but know how much I love you all! Julie I just got your package and haven't even opened it yet! Thank you so much! Mom I got your books and the clothes! Thank you so much! The green sweater will be super great! I haven't gotten any more yet...So let me know so I can make sure nothing gets lost! And Grandma I just got your letter! I haven't read it yet! But it looks good! 

This week has been pretty good! These last few days we have been saying goodbye to the folks Sister Taylor knew. But basically the investigator that we have a date for, well he isn't really living the way he needs too. Also, he was like in love with Sister Taylor so I hope we will be teaching him still. 

This past week with the shootings in Connecticut we have been able to talk to people about life after death. The area (Newtown) is in our mission, and there are families who have lost children in the wards there. It is so sad that these things happen. 
Jake happy birthday!!! I can't believe that you already have your permit! That is too crazy! It was fun to see the pictures of you guys!  Jake you are so tall!! Hopefully E grows some. ;) I know he will! Thanks for your letters you guys!! You are so sweet!! I have sent some birthday cards for you all! I hope you like them. 

I love you all so much! I feel of your prayers and I am so so so thankful for this amazing opportunity that I have to be able to be out here on a mission. I am learning so much about life and the gospel. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! I love you all so so so so much! Thank you all for your support! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster 
The following pictures are of the missionaries at transfers yesterday....

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