Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting ready for all of the new missionaries


This week has been one of great spiritual growth. We had a new missionary meeting on Thursday with President Morgan, and basically he told us that in Jan. Feb and Mar. with the number of missionaries leaving, we will be at 44 more missionaries than normal. Which means we will need more trainers. Which means that we will probably be training at the end of our being trained. I AM FREAKED. But, I know that whom the Lord calls, He qualifies. I still have 6 more weeks to get everything down. It is HARD. I've had to start answering the phone and, you think it is hard to talk face to face with someone speaking spanish, try talking to them on the phone. DIFICIL! But I am ready. If the Lord calls me, I will put on my big girl pants and be there for that new sister.

Then yesterday we had Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy come and speak to us. He was touring the NY, NY North and South Missions. He spoke about being ready to be trainers also. He told us that by next summer instead of having 150 missionaries, we would have 250 missionaries. Which is a lot more! So we are all on our toes. We talked about being "High Yielding, Low Maintenance" missionaries. That we don't need a lot to keep going, and we put out a good amount of "product."

We went and did an APF, (area proselyting focus) on 110th and Columbia. We ran into some pretty crazy folks. It is a lot different than our area because there are really only English speakers and they are not very nice. We were doing the APF for the YSA (young single adult) sisters. And contacting people ages 20-30 is probably one of the HARDEST age groups to contact here. We were walking down the street and all the sudden this guy is walking next to me and I just had this thought "talk to him." He looked in the age range of 20-30 so I was just like, "Hey how are you doing?" and he was like, "Good how you doing?" We found out he is studying at Manhattan Music college and plays the piano. He was cool and knew some of the students who are from the YSA ward who play piano there! I have come to find that you just have to talk to people. Either they completely ignore you, or they say not interested, or they listen and really doesn't matter. Because I have been called to share with everyone this message of the restored gospel. It reminded me when mom said you just have to be bold. HOLLLAA! I really love it here. :)

It has gotten COLD. But it is cool. Mostly I just need to get more ear warmers and scarfs and gloves. Yay for Christmas though! The city is beautiful with all the lights!

I didn't get to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but I got to see the floats a day before. It was not worth it. It was like cattle being herded through a tiny corral. We wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History but, that didn't happen because of the float preview.


Have a great week! Scripture of the week! Moroni 7: 33-34

And Christ hath said: aIf ye will have bfaith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is cexpedient in me.

34 And he hath said: aRepent all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me, and be baptized in my name, and have faith in me, that ye may be saved.

con amor,

Hermana Lancaster
What we did today:

Decorated the Elder's apartment door for Christmas! Hollla!

Pictures of Ashley's first apartment in Inwood

(I like the use of a Raisin Bran box as a garbage can!)

Ashley at the Manhattan, NY Latter Day Saint Temple

Manhattan LDS Temple at night

Pictures of the Rockaways from last week. It was such a great experience.

When you are in the service of your fellow men (and women)...
 you are only in the service of your God

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