Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ashley Serving and Making Progress


How is everyone doing?! I hope they are all good! Things have been kinda crazy around here. My companion is sick so we had to slow things down so that she can recover quickly. Luckily I haven't gotten sick, just knocked on wood, and I continue to wash my hands and liberally apply hand sanitizer. :) 

This last week we went to an investigators house who we haven't been to in a while. We were really hoping that she had continued to read El Libro De Mormon but we really didn't know. When we asked her where she was in her reading guess where she was? Mosiah 24! Holy cow! We straight up asked her if she knew this book was true and she said "Yes." We asked her if she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and, she said "Yes." The problem is, her husband is not religious, and so she doesn't really have a close friend in the church. We have tried bringing her to our bishop's to see his wife, but it is kind of a hard walk with 2 energetic kids. She also hasn't been to sacrament meeting. She has come to English class at the church a few times. It is tough. But we have faith that she will come! And we are willing to do anything we can to help her! 

Last Saturday we went and did service in the South mission. We got into groups of 6 here, and we were teamed up with 4 south missionaries. It was really fun! We were able to go out and do what they had been doing for the last little while. It was a good experience. It wasn't a lot of hard work service, but it was fun to see the area. I saw a street named Lancaster! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture. :( 

Ashley on her way to the NY, NY South Mission area to do more clean up service

NY, NY North Missionaries heading to the South Mission to help serve in the
Hurricane Sandy cleanup

View of Manhattan from the NY,NY South Mission area

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!! You are 13! That, my friends, is crazy. I can remember the day you were born. I was in 3rd grade. I hope that you had a wonderful day!! Did you like your birthday card?! 

So our focus this last little while has been working with menos activos, or less actives in English. Which I think is so great because it is awesome to go out and find new people to teach but if there are baptized members not coming, we need to talk with them. So the story goes, we were trying to figure out what to do and I was like, "Hey I have a list of menos activos we can look up." So we went to the one closest to us and now, we are teaching his parents!! And we are going to try to teach his siblings as well! 

We have set a new baptism date for our other investigator. We were hoping for Jan 5 but he had some issues to work out still. So we had a DTR (?) last night and we have set a new date for the 26 of January He's ready! 

Tomorrow we have a Sisters conference! I am really excited! It should be really good. I didn't know they did these kinds of things!! It will be good to all get together without the elders. Not that they aren't fun and all. hahaha 

Well I hope you all have a great week! We are having a pretty chill day and are just going to Marshall's on 125th street to get stuff for the apartment. We don't really have any kitchen stuff. 

Love you all!! 

Con Amor, Hermana Lancaster
A real slice of New York City pizza!

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