Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Splits, Sickness, and Surprises!


So first off, MY GRANDPARENTS ARE GETTING THEIR MISSION CALL TODAY! I will talk more about it next week because then I will know where they are headed too! 

Ashley loving it in the big city

So this past week has been different! 

Hermana Rogers had her 1 year mark! She only has 6 months left till she heads back to Texas! She is awesome! But unfortunately, she has been sick this past week. So sick that we have had to stay in to have her rest! It was a great time for me to show service to her but I felt bad that there wasn't anything I could do to really help her out! We played a lot of games and read lots of scripture. 

This past Friday I was able to go on a split with Hermana Aguirre! She is a "traveling sister" which is kind of like the sister version of the AP's. We went up to Yonkers and starting off contacting. The first people we talked to we found out they were members who had been baptized in El Salvador when they were young! We took them to the chapel and had a great lesson with them! They should be coming to church from now on. Then we went and had a lesson with a recent convert and his family. We were able to touch the hearts of the 17 and 18 year old children but the members wife is still not softened enough. She is happy that her children have excepted to be baptized but doesn't feel like she needs it. It was a great split and I was able be with an amazing example of a great missionary, Sister Aguirre! 

Hermana's Rogers and Aguirre (when they were companions in Harlem)
Melissa was confirmed this Sunday! She looked so beautiful and grown up! It was a great blessing as well. And our recent convert Dionisio wore a suit to church! He started off with jeans and a tee and now he is going to be receiving the priesthood! We had an amazing lesson with him yesterday with our ward mission leader about the priesthood and the responsibility that comes with it. 

That night we went over to a couple missionaries home for dinner! They are SO amazing! They are from Logan and have been serving here since October. Sister Wheelwright has worked for Utah State University for the past 12 years and also is hard of hearing so she gets to have a hearing dog! Her name is Angel and she is a yorkie! They are so awesome and told us about how they met and how much they enjoyed raising their children! I want to be like them one day. Elder Wheelwright also always tells us awesome stories about his mission in Hawaii! 

So this Monday we had a zone training on a new way we will be teaching the gospel. We have been asked to be direct and bold. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ. That is our main job and if someone says no, that's cool but we at least have to invite them. We are also focusing on shorter lessons so instead of maybe an hour lesson, we will be focusing on 20 minute short to the point, bold lessons. It is going to be a change, especially in the Spanish program, but it will be great. 
Ashley and Hermana Rogers at a subway station

We did a mini-table activity in one of the subway stations while it was snowing pretty bad. We handed out The Family: A Proclamation to the World

"Do you want to have a more united family?"

Hermana Rogers handing out a The Family: A Proclamation to the World Handout 's en Espanol

Another funny thing that happened this Monday was an emergency dinner. Now, if you have been on a mission where the members feed you a lot, and where you sometimes don't clarify the number of missionaries who will be attending, you will understand this story well. So Elder Lee and Elder Fragiacomo are the English elders in our area and they called us up in a panic because the other set of English elders, who happen to be the AP's, were unable to make it to their dinner appointment. Hermana Rogers wasn't feeling very good but we said we would be there as soon as we could. We got there and actually had an awesome time with the family! The wife is Dominican and has an amazing conversion story! When she was younger and in the DR she was fascinated with bikes, guess who had bikes? The missionaries. She followed them one day begging to ride their bikes. They said no, so she went around the back of the house they were at and stared through the window. She said that when they started talking about the boy who saw the lights in the sky who looked like people, she lost interest in the bikes and was drawn in to the picture. She said it kept getting brighter and brighter! Her family moved to New York and after she had been living here for a while she had a pretty traumatic situation happen to her. She was walking down the street and there was shooting and a guy close to her had gotten shot. She said she stayed with him until the ambulance came but that she went home and just felt horrible. Having been raised catholic, she was taught never to pray to God directly, but she just felt that wasn't right. So she prayed directly to God to make sure that man was going to be okay. She said an amazing peace came upon her and she felt amazing. She went out and told her mom that she could hear God talking to her and her mother actually put her in the psychiatric ward. They released her quickly and she told her mom that she could still hear the voice of God and that she knew that she needed to find his church. One day she was with her friend and her friend said, "okay we have to go to my aunts house and she is crazy. she always has these guys at her house teaching her, you'll see." They walked in and she flipped. It was the missionaries! (Unfortunately one of the elders thought she was on drugs and wouldn't teach her.) It wasn't until a new elder came that she finally got them to teach her! The new missionary said "does the word "golden" mean anything to you?" She was taught and baptized! 

Yesterday we were able to go to the CITY! Sister Rogers had a doctors appointment on like 80th and Park Ave. It was BEAUTIFUL! Upper East Side. We stopped for lunch at Shake Shack and it was soooo good. I love that part of the city. 
At the Shake Shack....yum!

Yesterday night we had a Noche de Hogar which is like a ward family home evening. We had planned a huge lesson on families and how love is spelled t-i-m-e. Unfortunately, we only had 4 people come. and they are 4 single men. So, we had a huge change of plans and we ended up having a lovely lesson on missionary work. Haha, oh it was great. 

We just received a new missionary! It is only half way through the cycle and so it is a little strange, but with the way the MTC is changing things, we will have people be entering the field at different times. But the Elders who are training him, were called MONDAY! and told they were going to train on Wednesday. CRAZY! usually you have at least a weeks notice. 
It's cold outside!

Okay well I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all your support, prayers, and love! 


Love, Hermana Lancaster  

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