Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Melissa's Baptism, and Busy Days!

Hey Ya'll! I hope this week has treated you well! We had a busy week! 

We had a baptism this Sunday for Melissa! It was wonderful! We had it right after church so a lot of members came and also the investigators that had come to church that day! She had her godfather baptize her and she will be getting confirmed on Sunday the 10th. It is so crazy to think that she is Easton's age. Maybe that is just because she is my little best friend. We always talk about One Direction and Justin Bieber. She is wonderful! 

Ashley and Melissa on her baptism day

We had a fabulous dinner on Sunday! I know you all probably partied it up! We had hamburgers and hot wings and milkshakes! It was SO wonderful! I was stuffed! I also got to see an amazing touchdown by the one and only Dennis Pitta. :) 

So just so you all know, the 4th was my half birthday! Yay!! I am halfway to 22! That, my friends, is crazy. 

Yesterday was crazy! To get the full scoop in beautiful words, check out my companions blog She is an English major so she knows how to write:) 

We had previously set up an appointment for a potential investigator about 2 weeks ago and it kept falling through, so a few days ago we called the "Dulce" (an investigator) in our phone list and were able to set up an appointment for Tuesday. After church on Sunday a lady in our ward came up to us and said, "Hey you guys are coming to my house on Tuesday right? I'm the Dulce you called." Our jaws dropped (we realized we called the member Dulce instead of the investigator Dulce) We said "Yes" and planned our investigator Dulce's visit for later. So Tuesday rolls around and we are excited because we have a full day planned. Around lunch time we went to the bodega by our apartment and I had our awesome friend Xavier make me a copy of "the italian" I think it's called. The sandwich from Zubs with the pastrami? Well it was good and Hermana Rogers got an awesome sandwich too. He gave them to us for basically nothing. He is awesome. He's one of those people who are always nice to the missionaries but unfortunately, never interested. Any ways, we stuffed our faces and we were so full. 

We bundled up because it was FREEZING and headed for Dulces. We were walking there and Sister Rogers was like, "I really hope she isn't planning on feeding us..." We got there and right when she opened the door, we could smell it, food. "GREAT!", we thought.
She had prepared us lunch. Like a lot of it. So we just smiled and tried to take as little as possible. There were some pretty scary things sitting on the table. And then when we thought we were done, there was more! My stomach hurt so bad. 
Lunch with Dulce #1 and friends
We tried to have a spiritual thought, and instead of lasting about 10 minutes it was more like 20. This actually is what usually happens. Everyone likes to talk which is great! But we were too late for our appointment with the "other" Dulce. The one we really meant to set an appointment up with. We got there without a problem and unfortunately, she straight up told us that she was happy with her church. Then she asked us what we thought about families and marriage so we explained the Family Proclamation to the World to both her and her mother who was probably 80. Her mom was SO hilarious. She was like, "how old are you girls?" and we said 21 and 22 and she said, "well you girls better hurry up and get married." We laughed and looked at each other like, "great this is what everyone thinks of us." But then Dulce said something about maturity and how much more mature we were going to be for studying the word of God. So that was a nice turn around.  :) 

We said a prayer and left. It was snowing. And we had another appointment. When we got to her house we realized something was off. We sat down and asked if we could sing a hymn and she went to get a hymn book. We looked at each other and then we saw the Adventist hymn book. She sang us a hymn and we sang her one. We started a lesson and she just wasn't getting it. She seemed like way out of it. So we left with a prayer and headed to english class. It was SUCH a long day. Also, I taught English class. I seem to always teach it. It's great. hahahahaha

Well I love you all a lot! 

Love you! Love, Hermana Lancaster

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