Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Infinite worth

To my wonderful friends and family; 

So to start off, the computers are broken at the church so we are at the library. And I spent a lot of my time writing back to your e-mails! But I feel so loved! I had 20 e-mails in my inbox! TALK ABOUT LOVE! 

Also, to state the great news here, my grandparents have been called to serve in the LONDON, ENGLAND TEMPLE MISSION! I am so so happy!! They are going to be leaving May 27. I love them so much and I know they are going to rock it! 
Grandpa and Grandma Strong with aunt Kristy, uncle Ryan, uncle Will and aunt Julie
London England Temple
So this week has been pretty chill! We have been working hard to figure out a new teaching method that we have been taught. It is different but it is effective. :)

This past Valentines Day, the zones in Manhattan and the Bronx met together to get our new bank cards! Exciting! Hahaha then we got to go eat lunch in the city. Which costs about $10 (which is way too expensive for a missionary budget.) hahaha, yes I did just have a diet coke. ;) 

On Saturday we cleaned the church and it was crazy. Well I went crazy. I was cleaning like a mad woman trying to make that church shine like the top of the Chrysler building! :)

On Sunday I taught the Sunday School lesson!! It was so scary because I had 0 notice before hand. And I had to teach it in Spanish. But it was about la Expiacion, the Atonement, and it actually went pretty well!! 

On Monday we went to a members house for lunch and had an amazing time talking about being daughters of God. I have been feeling pretty down on myself and boy did she just boost my spirit to the ceiling! She is amazing. I hope that she can write a book someday because a lot of girls need to remember that they are daughters of our Heavenly Father. He doesn't make "junk." We are of infinite worth and have a divine nature. We are amazing! 

Yesterday we had a nail party with some of the girls in our ward! We watched The Testament and did our nails! Haha it was good to just sit and talk with them about life and about the gospel. 

Tomorrow I will learn how to make one of my ultimate favorite things I have eaten out here. PAPA A LA HUANCAINA. It is a Peruvian dish that is so amazing! (Peruvian potatoes with a spicy cream sauce). We have a member who is from Peru, and we just received a missionary who is from Peru as well! Needless to say we are very excited! 

I hope that everyone has an amazing week! I love you all so much! Keep warm and spread the love!! 

Love you!! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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