Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot Weather in the City!

Hello everyone!! this past week as been so awesome!! 

On Thursday we had our first real lesson with Juana. She has been going to church in Mexico for a while but moved to New York a few years ago and didn't go to church. Also, she was never baptized. We honestly thought that she was just a less active then she told us she had never been baptized and wanted to. So we went over to her house and talked with her. Turns out, she had a dream where the Lord said to her "busca la roca" or in english "find the rock" HOW LEGIT! we were like, ohhh well let's read this scripture here in Helaman 5:12. She loved it. We asked her when she wanted to be baptized and she said Sunday! I was all for it! But then we stepped back and realized she needs a little bit more nourishment before Sunday...3 days away. :) She is so awesome! 

On Saturday we went to the temple with our youth to do baptisms for the dead. We didn't know that they were planning on us coming because it was a little bit crazy. I am not going to lie, props to the behind the scene workers of the temple. I felt so energized while I was doing it though. I was just handing out towels and mopping up water but really I felt the spirit so strongly! On Monday at district meeting we talked about it with our Senior couple who work in the temple every Thursday. Sister McNairy talked about how even the people who do laundry, hand out towels, or scan in names are progressing the work of our Savior! I loved that! Props to my Grandma and Grandpa Strong who are serving as temple missionaries in the London England Temple!

IT IS SO HOT HERE! I honestly didn't think it was going to be so super hot here. But it is so hot and so humid! We have sweat just dripping off our faces all day long. It is good because everyone is sweating and not just us but, hey, it is so hot. 

This past week we had the awesome opportunity to watch a leadership broadcast!! It was awesome! I invite all of you to watch it because EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY! 

Legit I am so excited! I love technology and this past week have found quite a few opportunities to share the gospel through and mormon messages. :) They are SO AWESOME! 

I hope you all have an amazing week!! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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