Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Here is the rundown for my past week:

Thursday: Jorbey and Kevin came to church for the first time in 2 years! Well, they didn't necessarily come to Sacrament Meeting but they came to basketball on Thursday!! That's a start!

Friday: Luis, our investigator, set a baptismal date for August 10th! Prayers are welcome for him! :) Wendy, another investigator, set her date for August 31st! Prayers for her too. :) They are LEGIT investigators. Never have I worked with people who are so ready to change their lives and follow Jesus Christ. It is amazing to be here and to serve as an instrument in the Lord's hands. To know that He has faith in me to teach these people is beyond me. I love Him so much. Legit. :)

Saturday: In the morning we got a call from some English elders who also work in our area. They found a lady who just moved here from the DR. She has 4 nieces and nephews who want to be baptized. LEGIT! Again, God's hand in our lives. To have this trust, again, is awesome.

Sunday: We had an appointment at 7:00pm and from 4:30 to 7 we went to about 7 different less-actives apartments to visit them. Not one was home. Also, it was like, Dominican Days Parade, and Grand Concourse was COVERED with garbage and, just people weren't wearing very much clothing, and there were a lot of Dominican flags. It was pretty interesting!

Tuesday we had zone conference. It. was. amazing!! We talked about working on commitments and asking direct, clear, simple, thought provoking questions. Then, we had an amazing training from our Mission President. We talked about the talk, "A Consecrated Missionary." Boy. I know I have a lot more work to do now. We have set a goal as a mission to be a consecrated mission. Not just a few consecrated missionaries, but we all have to do this together. I am excited. because I think this is going to be AMAZING. It is what we all need. I love it.

Thank you Scottsdale Mission!

IT IS AMAZING! Give it to every preparing missionary you know! It will change their lives! It will make them into the people they need to be! also, that reminds me of our district meeting. Oh was it great!
READ IT! Just really, super awesome.

I love you all. I spent all p-day doing laundry. yeah. i know. so fun. :) the price we pay for clean clothes!

Have an amazing week! remember to pray, read your scriptures, and Preach My Gospel, and these awesome talks linked above. THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Love love love love love ya'll.

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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