Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Investigators, Heat, And Getting Stuck in an Elevator

So this past week has been so so so so hot. 96 degrees but with the humidity it feels like 104. yuck. 

This past Friday we met with an investigator Luis. He found us on the internet. legit. We watched the restoration with him and he was like, wow those are the exact questions that I have! He came to the baptism on Saturday and asked if he could be baptized now or if he had to have more lessons with us. LEGIT! Sunday, he paid $5 to temple funds. I hope that we can do our best to let the Spirit speak through us to him! 

Leslie was BAPTIZED this saturday! It was awesome. We are going to be doing baptisms for the dead this Saturday! 

We have the niece and nephew of a member who are really interested! Well basically they are the only ones not baptized in their family. Unfortunately their mom and grandma are inactive and luckily, their uncle is just coming back into activity! They are awesome youth in a city where most the youth are focused on worldly things. 

So we had our first experience being stuck in an elevator. We had to climb out! It wasn't super bad but half the door was showing and the other half, cement. hahaha let's just say a slight panic attack occurred but all is well. 

They are filming a movie in our area! In a members building non the less! We even gave a pamphlet to a security guard after he told us what was going on. the street is just lined with trailors! We are like, looking for famous people all the time. but, he told us it was a horror movie coming out in jan 2015. that will be legit to see it and be like, oh that's my area. but i don't think i can go into that building knowing a horror movie was filmed there... just saying. 

Yesterday we had a sweet young woman come out with us! It was so so so hot and, of course, everyone canceled on us! She said it was better than sitting in her house. But, we felt so bad. We are hoping to do this more with the youth! It will be a great experience for them I hope! 

I can feel of all your prayers! I am so so so thankful for this opportunity to feel of God's love for me. it is so crazy that i am literally finding myself as i am losing myself. LOVE IT! THE SCRIPTURES ARE TRUE! 

I invite you all to read D&C 84:88. It's a legit scripture. :) 

Have an amazing week!! 

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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