Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baptisms and Friendships

Hey everyone!! 

So this past week was pretty cool!! 

On Thursday, we had a ward baptism. A lot of you have already seen the picture we took with Alexon. His Grandma is an active member and is just a hoot. I love them so much! We came early to the church to decorate with her and helped her set everything up. Balloons hanging from the ceiling, huge cake, you got it. It was really nice though. I love how much the Spirit testifies of the truth of baptism whether is is an 8 year old or and 80 year old. The Spirit testifies of truth! 

On Friday we got to go up to Ossining, New York for our Mission Christmas Devotional. 

It was so amazing! Some of the missionaries were asked to be in the choir and some were assigned special musical numbers. We have so many talented missionaries in our mission! Sister Morgan read us a Christmas story and we had a great dinner with all the missionaries. I love it. I never, ever thought about all the friends I would make on the mission. I can honestly say that I have at least 20 new friends for life thanks to my time serving here in NY. LOVE IT! We came home around 6 and went over to mutual at a Young Woman's house. We talked about friends and it was cool just to see how they are all friends despite the circumstances that surround them in this city. 

Saturday we went to the baptism of Gabriel and Fernando Lorenzo. They are 2 youth who really were prepared for this gospel! It was so cool to see them grow! 

Sunday we watched the Christmas devotional in the clerks office because the tv's weren't working in the other rooms! How amazing were those talks!? I love Sister Wixom's talk about seeing Christmas through children's eyes. How awesome is that!? If you haven't watched it, go watch it!! 

Monday was our District Leader Elder Gamble's birthday! He turned 20!! He has been such a great leader! I have served with him for 4 cycles now and he helps me out so much. We set up a surprise party at a members house the week before. She made us abichuelas and arroz y pollo and we feasted! It was an awesome time to spend together remembering why we are here on missions and how much this will help us in our future lives. After the dinner we all piled into the elevator, 8 missionaries and 1 ward mission leader, and tried to head from the basement floor to the 1st floor. let's just say it may have taken us 30 minutes to get out of that elevator. But we did it!! hahahhaaha

Tuesday we had a lesson with an investigator who recently returned from the DR! She has a lot of family members who are Mormon but doesn't really know that much about us. She has been to the church here and in the DR. She lives right next to a member so it is so amazing that she already has a friend!! That is something that is so important in missionary work. If you are going to help anyone become converted, give them a friend to help them along their way and they will grow strong! 

Today was a chill P-day yet again. IT IS MY FATHER'S BIRTHDAY! 
I love him so much!

Next week is transfers!!!!! And my brother Jacob's birthday! Sweet 16! I can honestly say I do not know whether I will stay or go. I am kind of freaking out considering I just received 2 big boxes i will have to transport with me if I do move! crazy! We shall see what the Lord has in store for us! 

I love you all so much! thank you for all that you do!! Keep going strong! 

con mucho amor, 

Hermana Lancaster

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