Saturday, December 21, 2013

Final Mission Transfer!

Holy cow. I've been transfered to Stamford, Connecticut! I can already assure you that Connecticut is completely different than the Bronx!! 

We don't have a car right now which isn't fun. Especially because everything is so far away. It makes things more difficult because we are at the mercy of those who have a car and can give us a ride to get around. Sister Barlow is my roommate!

Ashley and Sister Barlow when they were companions this past summer
And she is 
training! It should be a great cycle. (There are 2 companionships in her new apartment) I heard our apartment is amazing. Like, we have a separate bathroom from the other sisters! Legit!

I can't believe my mom and dad already have my flight plans to go home! That is so weird! I am happy to be home so early in the day! (Ashley comes home Thursday, February 6th. Her flight lands at 2:10 pm) 

Oh yeah, guess who is the new AP? Elder Kerr! He will be awesome! Whenever I see him he is always like. I can't believe you are going home! Actually that is what everyone says. When I walked into upstate transfers everyone was like, "Lancaster what are you doing here?" Everyone thought I was going to stay in the Bronx, including me!

Well, Hermana Hoyos is my new companion, and she has already proven to be wonderful! I am so excited for this next cycle!!

Hermana Yesenia Hoyos, Ashley's new companion!
When I told other missionaries I was going to 
Stamford, they were like, "oh man I am so jealous!" The ward here really functions well. This will be a nice place to end my mission!

Love, ashley!

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