Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Recap

Hey y'all!

I hope this past week has been awesome! I hope everybody got some
pumpkin pie! Because I sure only got one. :( it is definitely my
favorite! :)

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving! We had weekly planning that day
so we were at the church for the majority of the morning. That is
where we have wifi. The youth came up and played basketball with the
elders and it was nice. Later that night we met with the members who
live below us for dinner! They are in the English ward. They are from
Sierra Leone! That is in Africa! They are so sweet! Let's just say I
was not expecting spicy food, but it was spicy! They kept saying how
much they loved spicy food! Even the baby was eating the same food as
me and I was like, man I am a wimp! We had cous cous (spicy),
ribs (spicy), and turkey! :) It was so fun to be with them. They are
the cutest family! Their daughter even wakes up at 6 to go to seminary

On Friday we met up with the Tifa family! I love them so much! Wilson
made us awesome elastic bracelets and we watched spiritual crocodiles.
For those of you who haven't seen the seminary video, it is a classic.
We asked them about what kinds of spiritual crocodiles they have in
their lives, their answers were really good, they talked about how
judging others can be a spiritual crocodile! I love it! Those kids are

On Saturday, I was asked to sing in a quartet of a baptism! We sang
away in a manger! It was really awesome. I love that song. It was also
cool to be at an English baptism! Usually we sing, pray, and just do
everything in Spanish so it was pretty cool. 

Later that night we went and talked with Sulenny about an awesome article in the New Era! It is by Elder Holland about the Second Coming! I posted a link to it on Facebook if y'all wanna check it out! 

Preparing for the Second Coming

In the article he talks about strengthening Gods kingdom on the earth before The Lord comes. It was just what Sulenny needed to hear. It is amazing when The Lord knows just what we need to talk about with everyone. That is something that has been so awesome to see as a missionary!

Sunday was fast Sunday. I'm not going to lie, it's been a little while
since I have fasted. I have gotten really sick when I have, and
usually at members houses. Not good. But I fasted and felt AMAZING! I
loved it. And then during sacrament meeting I found an amazing hymn
that was what I needed during my fast. 

Hymn Number 139 (In Fasting We Approach Thee)

1. In fasting we approach thee here

And pray thy Spirit from above

Will cleanse our hearts, cast out our fear,

And fill our hunger with thy love.

2. Thru this small sacrifice, may we

Recall that strength and life each day

Are sacred blessings sent from thee--

Fill us with gratitude, we pray.

3. And may our fast fill us with care

For all thy children now in need.

May we from our abundance share,

Thy sheep to bless, thy lambs to feed.

4. This fast, dear Father, sanctify--

Our faith and trust in thee increase.

As we commune and testify,

May we be filled with joy and peace.

I love how it talks about being filled. Aren't the words just so
awesome?! I love it.

Monday we had Zone Meeting. We talked about using the iPads and online
proselyting. Sister Dodson gave an awesome discussion on using the
Internet and blogs and stuff. We are learning! It is cool being a
guinea pig but I am excited for the future missionaries who get the
best from this. It will be legit!

Tuesday we had an APF which means area proselyting focus. We were in
our area this week and had a pretty legit idea. We got a huge box and
wrapped it like a present then we cut up strips of paper to have
people write what they would give Christ for Christmas! We got to talk
with a lot more people than we usually do, and it was just awesome to
see people get excited about Christmas and not just presents. One kid
did write that he would give Him a Xbox. Hahaha!

Today was a chill p-day. We got done everything we needed to! Yay!
This Friday is our mission CHRISTmas devotional! We get to go upstate!
It will be the farthest I have ever been upstate! It is called
Ossining. I think. I love Christmas!

I hope you all have an awesome week! Make sure and read the friend,
there are cute things to do everyday with your family! We are working
on a little something too. Keep an eye out on Facebook! Just remember
to share posts you like! That way the gospel spreads to more people!
Love it!

Love you!

Love, Hermana Lancaster

Laughing with her muscles giving out

"Pray" on the subway

Setting up Christmas at Suzy's

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