Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More specifics on the week of Ashley's last transfer

Well, in a dramatics turn of events, I'm in Stamford, Connecticut!
Okay not so dramatic but still pretty dramatic. We got the call in
Saturday and I knew I would be moving. Silently wishing I wasn't going
too far, The Lord chose to send me to Connecticut. Earlier that night
we went out to eat with the elders and Diosfer. We ate at the diner
that has really good donuts! It was a fun chill night.

Sunday was tough! Everyone was pretty sad but wished me the best. In
sacrament meeting I played the piano for the last time. It was a
bitter sweet moment. That night me and sis dodson just got everything
ready to go. I packed a suitcase and started gathering all my hard
cover books together to send home.

Monday district meeting was good. We had a fun time! We were supposed
to be talking about rake plays about the 3 laws but instead we ended
up using the 10 points in dating scenario. It was so funny! I am
really going to miss those elders. Especially Elder Gamble. Maybe it
is because we served with each other for so long, but we just became
really good friends. :) They threw ivey a little funeral. He was
angry, or pretended to be angry about it. Oh Elder Ivey. (I wanted so
badly to give him a hug at transfers, but I was too chicken.
Homecoming for sure!) After we ate lunch we took a picture in the
mothers room at the church! I was shoved in the back corner with elder
Ivey. Hahaha too funny. We all walked out and Elder Powell, the elder,
said remember in the Book of Mormon where it talks about the wicked
traditions of their fathers? Hinting at to what we had just done.
Elder Wit Beck was just like, yeah I do remember that! Then we headed
to the train to do train caroling. Legit. The train conductor got mad
at us and made it so we couldn't get on the next cart! We wonky made
it from Kingsbridge to Tremont. But it was a good experience. That
night we went over to Suzy's house. She is so sweet! I am going to
miss going over there on Monday nights. We talked about courage with
her because she is starting her divorce papers. We got stuck in the
elevator again! For the last time. :)

Tuesday we went out to take my 5 packages to the post office and 75
dollars later they were sent home. Lame. We did laundry and so I had
all clean clothes and I was ready to go out and say "good-bye" to people. We literally started visiting people at like, 3 and didn't get home till

We started out visiting Hermana Marta Santiago. Oh how I love her! I
am so happy that I got to teacher her and love her. We ate arroz,
abichuelas, and pollo for the last time. :( after that we went and saw
Cesaria Lopez. It was slushy outside and of course I had worn my long
skirt! It was wetttt! We got to Cesarias and she is watching Family
Feud. I ask for some water and she gives it to me and the next thing I
know I am waking up on her couch and sister dodson is just sitting
there. I was like, dude how long have we been here? She was like, I
don't know maybe a half hour? Creeper max came in and talked about how
cute you looked asleep. That scared me. He is a big time creeper.
Unbeknownst to me, Cesaria was making us another dinner,I was STUFFED.
Painfully stuffed. She brought out the heaping rice and and omelet of
salami and peppers and I was like, I can do this, I can do this, then
it took one bit and I was like, I can't do this. I poked around at
it, and then I just told Cesaria Hermana, no puedo! I asked for her to
box it for me and luckily she didn't seem too mad at me. After we
tried to go see the Pascuals but only the grandma, Georby and Stacy
were home. I said good bye to them and sis Dodson said she would be
back soon. Then we went to Sulenny's and met up with Jahaira there. I
am so glad I got to meet those girls too. They really helped me
understand my future with teaching a little more. I influenced them. I
touched their lives because I cared about them. I think that I can be
that way for even more students in the future as I peruse my
education. We took pictures then I headed home to finish shoving
things into my suitcase. All was well.

We woke up on Wednesday, I was still in shock, and got ready. Luckily
the Lowell's could take my stuff for me! We got to Inwood and everyone
was like, oh my gosh, sister Lancaster I can't believe your leaving! I
told them all how I knew it was crazy! Elder Price, Duvall,
Chritchfield, and me are all headed up state. Duvall is in my
district! Elder Kerr is the new ap! Pretty crazy to see my boy grow up
like that. He is a good kid. As I got in the van to go upstate, still
things were so surreal. We drove and drove and drove. Then we got to
Ossining. When I walked in, everyone's reaction was like, whaaaat? It
was so funny. Sister Skinner was there and sister Richardson. We got
to hear the intros of the new missionaries again and get grilled again
about using Facebook to talk to our friends and families. Which is a
big no no. And I am guilty. Repentance is real! I met up with sister
Hoyos and we talked to peeps. I gave sister Skinner's baby my coat
because she didn't have one! I was never going to wear it again
anyways. Sister Hoyos told me we didn't have a car and that we would
have to ride with someone else and that my stuff would have to ride
with someone else too. So we put my stuff in Rutland and Sato's car
and headed to Norwalk with sister Barlow and sister Udy. Sister Udy is
from Idaho by Pocatello. She has an older sister who is the same age
as me, lives in rock springs, and is named ashley too! Crazy! The
drive home was longer than I thought it would be. We went straight to
the library and then waited for Gleason and Longmore to come pick us
up and take us to correlation at the church. We got home and I got to
some what unpack my stuff then we hit the sack hard!

Thursday was kinda crazy! We had a little singing practice for
Saturdays APF at 10:30. So we called Rutland and Sato to come and get
us. Luckily they live in Norwalk too! We sang some songs as best as we
could! But we were still sounding a little off. So we set up a choir
practice at new Canaan chapel Friday at 10:30. After our practice we
had Sisters Parkin and Hansen take us to get our car. We got in it and
tried to turn it on and it made a lot of clicky noises and the locks
started going crazy! We went back inside the firestone and told them
something is wrong. They kinda looked at us funny like we were 2
twenty year old girls who didn't know how to take care of their car.
Oh wait...;) Pedro jumped it for us and all was well! We haven't had
any problems since! We went to Hermana Roman's house for dinner that
night! She made us amazing arroz y abichuelas y ribs! We shared with
her and her grand kids a kids at Christmas video. They liked it. Then
Hermana Roman started telling us her life story. It was kind of scary.
She's had a hard time! But she is strong in the gospel. After, we went
to the church to practice the nativity thing for the ward Christmas
party Saturday. It was chill! We live pretty far from our church
though. We have to take the free way and it probably takes about 15-20

Friday we went and practiced at the New Canaan church and we even
wheeled the piano outside to hear how our voices were. Hahaha it was
so funny! After we went to Costco for lunch with the zone. I still
can't believe how different it is up here. A member sat next to us at
Costco, sister Morgan walked in, and we saw another member in the
garage! So crazy! There are also Hispanics every where! You go to
Walmart, Costco, any big store and there they are. They look at my tag
and are kind of like, wait, that's my language. It is pretty cool. :)
I love it here now! There is only one thing that is not so great. The
fact that there is never any hot water for the shower. This is not
good. That is my favorite part of the day. And I just can't handle a
40 degree shower! It already cold outside!

Saturday I woke and my companion was throwing up.. Yeah so Saturday
was spent inside with my comp and unfortunately by the end of the day I
was throwing up too. We missed caroling with the zone and the ward
Christmas party but hey, we got more sleep! :) Sunday we did get
to go to church so that was good!

Church is backwards here! It is actually really good because it is
relief society when the English ward has sacrament then all the youth
classes are together, in English. We walked in and were volunteered to
be in the choir for sacrament meeting. It is kind of funny because
since sacrament meeting is last and no one is waiting for us to leave
we can go for as long as we want. Sometimes it isn't so easy to stay
awake. ;)

Monday is today! We have our p-day today to get us ready for Christmas
on Wednesday. It will hopefully be good! We spent the morning in a
short district meeting then broke off to lunch. Sister Hoyos and I
went home and scrubbed the bathroom. Now we are here at the church!

I am pretty excited to talk to y'all this Wednesday! I can't believe
it is this time again! Seems like yesterday we were trying to get this
all to work on Mother's Day!

In some other news, Hermana Reynoso that we visited in the BX passed
away this weekend. She was such a great example of strength to me. I
love her and I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to know her!
She is going to the DR to be buried. Her family could use your

Have a very Merry Christmas! You guys are awesome!

Love you!!

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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