Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hola Familia!
Can you believe that I have been gone for over a month now! Weird!! I can honestly say I am very very happy with my decision to serve a mission.
So first I will talk about conference because I know everyone wants to know what I think! Haha! I think that Heavenly Father knew exactly when I was going to serve a mission, and if he wanted me to serve when I was 19 he would have changed the date earlier or sent me later. I know I am here, right now, at this exact point in my life for a very specific reason. I couldn't be happier for the 19-20 year old sisters! How amazing that they are able to have this amazing spiritual experience even sooner in life! I can only imagine the marriages between returned missionaries! The amazing families and the spiritual strength they will have! I'M EXCITED!!
So my favorite talks were definitely Elder Eyring's and Elder Bednar's. There was one phrase in particular from President Eyring's talk that really has stuck with me this past week. It was when he was telling the story of his daughter-in-law and how she couldn't have a baby. While walking along the beach one day she said a prayer to Heavenly Father that with this time that He has given her, she would do what he wanted. That is how I feel out here. I am on the Lord's time, and I am ready and willing to do everything the Lord needs of me. Everyday I try to be receptive to the Spirit to be sure I am not missing any guidence that would lead me to someone to help or something to learn!
Then in Elder Bednar's talk, "Becoming Converted"... Need I say more? I know, that as I become converted to this amazing gospel of Jesus Christ, that as I teach, I will teach with the Spirit. The Spirit with then testify to the investigator of the truth of this message and they inturn will be able to become converted.
So, we have devotionals every Tuesday and for the almost 6 weeks we have been here we haven't really had an apostle come to speak to us. We all thought that since General Conference was this past Saturday and Sunday, they would all be taking a break. Well, guess who showed up on Tuesday night? Elder David A. Bednar. Yes! AND I was in the same room as him. AND he taught us some amazing doctrine. He basically taught us his way of analyzing conference talks to be able to get out the Doctrine, the Invitation, and the Blessings and Promises. (There was also a bat on the ceiling of the gym. SCARY!) It was so amazing to feel of the spirit that he brought with him. It is amazing to think that the apostle's of our day are just as close to Christ as were the apostles of Christ 2012 years ago. It is amazing!
So we have 4 Elders in our district who were supposed to be headed to the Columbia MTC in 3 weeks. Well on Tuesday, 3 of the Elders were called down to the travel office around 4 in the afternooon and when they returned, they told us they would be leaving for Columbia at 5 am the next morning. HOW CRAZY! The Elder (Elder Perfect) who didn't receive his visa is doing fine. But now our district has gone from 10 to 7! It is a drastic change but honestly a change for the better.
I can honestly say to you all, Heavenly Father hears our prayers. I have been asking and asking Heavenly Father what I can do to be the missionary that He needs me to be. Then yesterday at the beginning of class, my amazing teacher, Hermana Wetzel, told us to read 2 Nephi 2:14. I think that is what it is, it talks about people who act and people who are acted upon. We listed qualities of the missionary who is acted upon. Usually they are a creature of circumstance and irresponsible. They push the rules and the teachers to the limit. Then there are the missionaries who ACT. They are on task, they know why they are here. They are humble enough to submit themselves to God's will. They are willing to be molded and shaped into the missionary that God needs them to be. It was like Heavenly Father was giving me a personal list of qualites and character traits that would make me be the missionary he needs.
Another answer to my prayers happened this very morning. Everytime I go to the temple, I say a little prayer in my heart, "Heavenly Father, if it be thy will, may I see someone I know at the temple today?" This morning my companion, Hermana Richardson could not find her recommend. We found out about 30 minutes after our scheduled time that it was at the temple, so we headed up. We went into our session and I looked around. There was no one I knew. As I entered the Celestial room I again looked around and saw no one I knew. Realizing I was focusing too much on seeing someone I said a prayer of repentance and headed back to the dressing room. As I walked in, lo and behold, Lezlee Strong! Not only Lezlee Strong but Kristy Strong, Janette Strong and Julie Biesinger. I let out a squeal, and the temple workers looked shocked and asked me what was wrong. I ran into the arms of my wonderful aunts thanking Heavenly Father for the wonderful tender mercy I was experiencing. It was SO good to see all of you! It seemed like no time had passed at all, and when the time to say goodbye came it wasn't to hard. As I left, my spirit was engergized and at peace. As I returned to my room, I fell on my knees and thanked Heavenly Father for his great love. It was such a great day.
I wish that I could have seen all of you! I was definitely sad that my mom, Holly, Beckie and Grandma weren't there. But alas, my prayer was heard and it was WONDERFUL!
Things are wonderful here. As we enter into the 6th week of our missions we are trying to soak in all that we can before we enter the field.
I saw Elder Tyler Johnson today. Oh my goodness. He is probably the most handsome missionary here. I am very excited for him to start his journey here at the MTC and in Argentina. I am also very excited to be seeing him around. :)
I love you all so so SO much! I am so thankful for this amazing oppertunity to not only to come unto Christ myself, but to bring others unto Him as well.
Les Amo Mucho!!

con amor,
Hermana Lancaster

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