Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hola familia!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful week! I hope that time is flying as fast for you all as it is for me! I can honestly say that these last few weeks have FLOWN by! This Tuesday we will have 2 weeks till NYC! So crazy!
So guess what I got to do this Tuesday, sing in the choir! We meet together every Sunday and Tuesday, and then on Tuesday night we sing at the devotional. There were probably 50 sisters and 100 elders singing but it is always so beautiful! I am so glad that I got to have this experience! I was even shown on the jumbotron!! HOLLLLLAAA! We sang Consider the Lillies which is so pretty and I believe I was told, at least once in my life that it is my dad's favorite song! So it made me think of him! 
The choir director was super hilarious! He told us a great story about our Heavenly Father's love for us. He said, One day a dad was babysitting his 5 kids and thought it would be fun for them to float down the Provo River.  They got a little raft and the dad put the oldest, who was 12, in charge. Then he said, "Okay you guys float down the river and I'll meet you at the end; there is only one part where it gets a little hard. You have to go under this bridge and not run into the barriers....but i know you can do it." So they set of down the river and everthing was going well, until  they got to the part where they had to go under the bridge. Of course they tipped over and lost their raft down the river. As they all came to the bank and started walking up the shore they could see their dad just around the bend holding their raft. He had been watching the whole time, and new everything they were going through. This story really reminded me of Elder Eyring's  Conference talk. I seriously listen to it at least once a week. Please go and read it! it is so good for the soul. 
So we had an amazing teaching moment! We were preparing "Ingrid" for her baptism which is on the 20th. We started talking about the Commandments. The first one we talked about was La Palabra de Sabaduria, or the Word of Wisdom. I explained to her that Heavenly Father has asked us not to partake of harmful substances. Then I asked her how she felt. She was quiet for about 30 seconds. But during those 30 seconds, the Spirit came so strongly. She explained to us that she couldn't be baptized because she was addicted to tabacco. We explained to her that Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us to take care of our bodies. We also explained that we know through the strength of Christ, we can overcome all. We prayed with her for       her to gain strength and we meet with her again tomorrow! Even though "Ingrid" is just our teacher, we care for her so much and want her to be able to be baptized. Especially because she wants it so much! 
Elder Bowen, who spoke in General Conference, spoke to us on Tuesday night! He talked a lot about obedience. 
We got new Hermana's in our room! And they speak Spanish!!! VERY VERY WELL! They will leave the same day as us. One Hermana is serving in Ogden, one in Bolivia, and one in Washington DC South. The sister who is going to DC South is from Chihuahua, Mexico.  
The other Hermana's in our district will be leaving this Tuesday. :( We have become very very close to them, and it is sad that it has already been 3 weeks. They are all leaving for the Guatemala MTC. 
Also, Elder Perfect got his visa! So he will also be leaving us tomorrow! it is so weird! Now there will only be 6 out of 10! It will be very different. 
So today, we got to go to the pharmacy at BYU! It is really close to the MTC but still! we were like, "FREEDOM!" hahaha it was fun.  
So every Wednesday the new missionaries come in, and today while we were walking back from the bookstore we saw some sisters that kind of looked lost.  We asked them where they were headed and saw they were speaking spanish, so we asked them were they were serving. One sister said Virginia then the other said New York!  We were like, "oh what mission?", and she said, "New York, New York."  We were getting more excited and said, "NORTH?" and she was like "Yes!"  We all kind of screamed a little and it was fun! She will be coming out in December. Her name is Hermana Valdez. 
I haven't finished the hand written letters as today has been a little crazy so I promise within the next few days you should be hearing from me on a more personal level. :)
estoy muy agradecida por la opertunidad estar aqui en el CCM. yo se que este lugar es donde Dios me quiere. yo se que mediante la gracia de Jesucristo, podemos llegar a ser las personas Padre Celestial nos nesicita. Yo se que puedo todas las cosas con la ayuda de mi salvador y redentor Jesucristo.
les amo mucho! Tengan un bien semana!
con amor, Hermana Lancaster
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN! I can't belive you are 9!! That is insane! just think one more birthday then I will be home. It won't take too long. Let me know how your party goes! I LOVE YOU!

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