Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,

Today has been a day of studying, journal writing, game playing and apartment cleaning. Many streets and county roads have been off limits to pedestrians while heavy equipment crews have cleared large trees, fallen rocks and debris and huge piles of leaves, limbs and branches. While all are "safely gathered in" they're also bored and restless.

This afternoon, those missionaries who were evacuated from low lying areas in Connecticut have been allowed to return to their apartments. Elders and Sisters have been given the "all clear" to reach out to branch and ward leaders to inquire as to member homes and clean-up opportunities. We've asked that they be back to their apartments as it gets dark. The fresh air and a little physical labor will feel good.

Tomorrow is P-Day for our mission. You should be hearing from your missionary about their experience over the past few days. As you write them back, you should know that I feel the Lord has greatly blessed our mission with safety and protection in large measure due to the obedience and faith of our missionaries. Every missionary has contributed to our coming through the hurricane without harm or incident by their focused obedience, faith and prayers. Please tell your daughters and sons that their personal worthiness has been the key factor in our mission's blessings. 

We hardly have the words to describe how much we love our missionaries. They lift us and strengthen us and empower us with their work ethic and love for the Lord. They obey with exactness, (which some of you will find hard to believe, but they do!), and they teach with the spirit and they serve with priesthood power and unwavering faith. It's no wonder to us why the the Lord protects them and prospers their work!

We'll move now into a phase of clean-up where we'll have the opportunity to stand side-by-side with neighbors and friends picking-up, cleaning-up and building-up. Our example of hard work and community service will be our Christian message. 

Thank you for sending us such wonderful men and women. They are really amazing! We are still without power or cell service at the mission home but I will continue to access information and communication from the office.

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging thoughts.

All the best,

Tom Morgan

Thomas B. Morgan

New York New York North Mission

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