Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hola familia! Que tuvan una bien semana!

I CANNOT believe how fast this last week went! This is so insane! Next Thursday will be my last P-day in the MTC!

Not much happened last week until about Sunday morning. Usually my hermanas and I wake up early to go to take a shower at like 5:45, 6:00 and that is what they did this Sunday morning. I was sleeping in until 6:30. At 6:10, the fire alarm goes off. We are all like running around mostly thinking that it was just a drill. I couldn't find my hermanas anywhere in the room or the halls so I went in to check the bathroom. Hermana Peterson walked out and was said, "let's go!" but I said, "I can't find hermana Richardson." Sure enough Hermana Richardson had just put conditioner in her hair. So we were like hurry hurry hurry! We got outside and there were sisters in their towels and blankets, and it was cold! They sent us into the gym and told us to just hang tight for a while. We were all like, why would they schedule a fire drill for a Sunday morning? Then the security guard came in and told us that a "bug" (dust mite to be exact) got into the wiring and set off the alarm. We couldn't go eat breakfast at the assigned time of 7:00 so they just told us to all hurry and get ready or else we wouldn't get breakfast. Ya.. that was a great way to start off the morning. But it ended up being a really good day. We had Sister Dibb come and speak to us for Relief Society! We talked about virtue and about Pres. Monson. Last week we had the Relief Society General President! I'm really going to miss this about the MTC.

This Tuesday we got 2 new sisters in our zone! Then on Wednesday 5 more came! The sisters who came on Tuesday are international sisters! Sister Hansen is from Norway. She is the only member in her family. Sister Diezi is from Swizerland. She has a British mother and a Swiss father. Her accent is beautiful because it is like Brittish, German, English. Then we got 5 more sisters Wednesday! This is the most sisters we have had in zone 32 EVER! Our other hermanas left us Tuesday for the Guatemala MTC.

We sang "This is the Christ" for Choir this week! It was seriously so amazing. I really really love the choir. Except the fact that they show us on the screen.

But guess who spoke to us!? Elder Echo Hawk! I personally think that the talk he gave the MTC was better than the Conference talk! He talked about how he came to be a Mormon, and how the hard times in our life help to build us to be bigger, better, stronger members of the Church. He talked about how he was not very interested in the church after he was baptized so a priest quorum adviser said that he would help coach him in football. As he did he became not only better at football but closer to the church. As the school year started he looked at which position he would be playing and was shocked when he saw he would be playing QB. I can't really remember what happened but the first game, he was hit with the "corner" of the football right in the eye and was taken to the hospital. His eye was hemorrhaging, and they had to cover both his eyes. At this moment he "made a deal" with Heavenly Father. He said that if Heavenly father would help him heal quickly, he would read 10 pages of the Book of Mormon each day no matter what. As he began to heal, he remembered the promise that he made and read the Book of Mormon. He also began to be a great football player. He actually ended up getting a scholarship to play football for BYU! But with out the accident he went through he probably wouldn't have read the Book of Mormon, he probably would have fallen the way of his father, and definitely wouldn't be where he is now. It was so cool!

Yesterday when I was hosting I hosted a sister who had been living in my mission!! She said that the church in the city isn't really that big but that people are really curious about it. Especially with Romney running for president. OH MY GOODNESS! I was just thinking that that usually happens the 2 of November and that is like next week! CRAZY!!! You all better vote!!

I am so thankful for my time at the MTC. I seriously am sad that I won't have the Spirit that is here with me constantly in the field. But I know that Heavenly Father is aware of EVERYTHING, even our tiniest worries, and will help us when we put our faith in him.

I love you all so much and I am so thankful for your love and prayers! Today at the temple I ran into my old dance teacher Miss Chris Ollerton. She  reminded me of all the love that is coming my way from outside the MTC. I love you alllll!! Les amo mucho! que tengan un buen dia!! :)

Con Amor, Hermana Lancaster

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