Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear are the sheep of His fold

We moved! After a long period of thinking, we have decided to switch apartments with some elders. It is a member who is renting us out his top floor! 

This past week has been fast! It is definitely starting to cool down, and I bought myself a nice pair of boots today! :)
This Saturday we had a ward party! Noche de las naciones! We did the hoe down throw down by Miley Cyrus as missionaries to represent the united states. HAHAHA!! most hilarious thing ever! But one thing that I have loved about serving in the United States is that we get an amazing cultural experience. We got to see the members show us things from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, and Mexico! Something that only a few missionaries really get to experience  I love that I get to spend time with all of these people. They are truly amazing! They are strong members, and they really help us in our work!
Last night we went to the Tifa's and had a noche de hogar! (Family Home Evening) It was wonderful! I am so happy we got to spend time with them!
Tomorrow is Halloween! We have to be in by 5pm! A member told us that she takes her kids in no later than 7:30pm. I was like, "Okay we will for sure be in!" We are going to a meeting in Scarsdale in the morning, and then coming home and going in. Should be a fun night for us! :)

This Sunday I was reading through the Hymns during sacrament meeting, because I play the piano for sacrament. I was reading Hymn #221, and it just really struck me.
I love verse 4. Mostly because it applies to me as a missionary. :) Isn't it so cool though? THIS IS OUR JOB! not just missionaries but everyone. To bring in the sheep to the fold. Everyone. I love it! 

He loves us all! Everyone!

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all you do!! Have an amazing week!!

Love, Hermana Lancaster

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