Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Forget Me Not

This last week has yet again, flown. 

We had interviews with President Morgan last week! Sister Morgan made amazing brownies and cookies for us all. She is AWESOME! 

We have a dead mouse under our cabinets in our apartment. We asked our building super what we could do about it and he just said there isn't much we can do. THE SMELL IS HORRIBLE! The smell of death. We literally might have to wait till the decomposition process ends. yuckkkkk!!!! However, we also may be switching pads with the zone leaders this week. So it could really be okay. 

As a companionship, Hermana Dodson and I have been working hard focusing on the people we feel we should focus on. The ward is focusing on less actives, and so we are trying to do all that they want! 

Ashley and Hermana Dodson
We are currently helping with the primary program coming up in November! Let's just say, it isn't "Utah primary." There are probably 20 primary children all together. Basically all together they are smaller than our whole jr. primary. Also, they don't have mom's who know the Primary songs to sing with them at home. We have been practicing Sundays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It has definitely been an adventure! 

Today we are going to the Metropolitan museum of art! I am so excited! My companion is an amazing artist. I am happy to have someone who I can talk "art" with. :) Hermana Dodson's blog is really fun, take a look here

I love you all so much!! Remember how important you all are to me, to your families, and especially to your Heavenly Father! 

Just incase you forgot!! 

I love you!! 

Love Hermana Lancaster

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